by Raymond E. Fiest

The Eye of the World Krondor the Betrayal (Riftwar Legacy, Book 1)

Feist's new Midkemia yarn is set between the Riftwar and the Serpentwar (both conflicts are subjects of multivolume sagas) and is based on a role-playing game set in Feist's fantasy universe. Despite that derivation, it is a rollicking tale featuring Squire James between his earlier stint as a thief and his later one as Duke of Krondor. Accompanied by another squire, a young wizard, a renegade dark elf, and an arch-magician, James faces two separate menaces. One is the threatened invasion of Krondor and its neighbors by the dark elves and their allies. The other is a cabal of magicians possessing an enormously powerful device, left over from the Riftwar, that must be destroyed. Craftsmanly writing and characterization are not Feist strengths, but here he shows some originality and wit in both. Meanwhile, his narrative skill, ingenuity at creating systems of magic, and eye for plausible military scenarios stand him in good stead. Feist's many fans, at least, will be pleased. Roland Green
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Available in Hardcover

Krondor the Assassins Krondor the Assassins (Riftwar Legacy, Book 2)

Available in Hardcover

Krondor: Tear of the Gods Krondor: Tear of the Gods (Riftwar Legacy, Book 3)

Available in Hardcover

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