The Sword of Truth Series
by Terry Goodkind

Wizard's First Rule Wizard's First Rule (Sword Of Truth, Volume 1)

In a classic fantasy world, young Richard Cypher must go on a perilous quest with the Sword of Truth in order to deal with evils that have a contemporary degree of ambiguity about them. On the way, he acquires the normal collection of wizards, dragons, and human companions as well as an equivalent roster of enemies. Both the characters and their world come to life, and Goodkind's ambitious juxtaposition of modern ambiguities and the classical fantasy setting works more often than not. Although a fairly self-contained story, the book has something of the flavor of the first volume of a saga; neither Goodkind nor his publisher will receive too many complaints if a sequel is in the works. Hardly an aspirant to Tolkien's mantle, Goodkind certainly seems, at any rate, to be working on being mentioned in the same breath as Robert Jordan. Roland Green
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Stone of Tears Stone of Tears (Sword Of Truth, Volume 2)

The second volume of The Sword of Truth continues the quest of Richard Cypher, reluctant hero turned magical warrior, and his beloved Kahlan Amnell, the last Mother Confessor. Twisting the traditional roles (now common enough in fiction but done particularly well here), it is Richard who has to handle the magical part of the quest and Kahlan who must lead armies against the surviving forces of the dead mage, Darken Rahl. Not as tightly written as it might be, this volume yet features plenty of action, some engaging characters, and world building full of nice touches and intelligence. Goodkind's prospective series may have been encouraged by Robert Jordan's successful Wheel of Time saga. Goodkind has not yet attained Jordan's level of performance, but he now has two big, well-told yarns under his belt, which bodes well for the forthcoming rest. Roland Green
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Blood of the Fold Blood of the Fold (Sword Of Truth, Volume 3)

The third book of Goodkind's bid to rival Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time at the fantasy saga game falls rather short of Jordan's very high standard. Yet, like the rest of The Sword of Truth, it is an eminently readable example of the multivolume fantasy subgenre. Blood aptly figures in its title, for it boasts by far the most action--for the most part well done, whether with swords or sorcery--in any of the Sword installments to date. The strain of humor that marked its predecessors gets crowded aside by the subject matter, however, and series protagonist Kahlan Amnell emerges here as one of the outstanding female principals in current fantasy. The pacing is exceedingly brisk, and Goodkind's more sustained focus on Kahlan, Richard Cypher, and the wizard Zedd increases the accessibility of his long work. Although obviously too far along in the saga to be recommended as a starting point, Blood will make those who have been following it from the beginning very happy. Roland Green
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Temple of the Winds Temple of the Winds (Sword Of Truth, Volume 4)

Another independently intelligible doorstopper addition to Goodkind's Sword of Truth series (Blood of the Fold, 1996, etc.). This time, sword-wielder and wizard Richard Rahl, his warrior beloved Kahlan, grandfather Zedd, and the rest of the cast are threatened by the Imperial Order and their dream walker, Jagang, who sends a wizard-assassin, Marlin, to kill Richard. Meanwhile, old flame Nadine, befuddled by a witch, shows up intending to marry Richard; close behind comes the healer Drefan, Richard's half- brother. Marlin/Jagang announces gleefully that he's caught Richard in a ``bound fork prophesy,'' a fancy way of saying heads I win, tails you lose. Another one for the fans. -- Copyright ©1997, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

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Soul of the Fire Soul of the Fire (Sword Of Truth, Volume 5)

Another entry in Goodkind's fantasy Sword of Truth series (Temple of the Winds, 1997, etc.) and a new adventure for Richard, Lord Rahl, the Seeker of Truth and wielder of the Sword of Truth, his wife Kahlan Amnell, the Mother Confessor, and grandfather Zedd the wizard. The D'Haran Empire faces new challenges: the mysterious "chimes'' possess a magical power that can steal souls; and war with the powerful Imperial Order may be unavoidable. Richard will discover that the chimes are themselves slaves of an undead being who has created for himself an impenetrable otherworldly fortress. Goodkind demonstrates that it's perfectly possible from the reader's point of view, highly desirable to write a commendably self-contained, shapely yarn within a previously defined scenario while leaving scope for plenty of new discoveries and embellishments. -- Copyright ©1999, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

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Faith of the Fallen Faith of the Fallen (Sword of Truth, Book 6)

Fantasy series fans may argue over the relative merits of Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth, George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire, and Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, but in a world of middle books that go nowhere and endless waits between episodes, Goodkind is certainly still serving up some of the best fantasy on today's menu.

The Seeker of Truth and his Mother Confessor sweetie are both looking a little worse for the wear after their chime-hunt in Soul of the Fire. To top that off, Lord Rahl finds himself a reluctant prophet with the vision that their cause, the fight for freedom against the Imperial Order, is essentially sunk. (Chalk that up to part of the Wizard's First Rule: people really are stupid.) The two lovers soon find themselves separated, Richard off to the Old World thanks to treacherous Sister of the Dark Nicci, and Kahlan left behind, forced to betray Richard and his prophecy by raising an army to fend off the approaching armies of Emperor Jagang.

Whether it's fair or not, Goodkind will likely get beaten up a bit for visiting the trough once too often, ą la Jordan. But fear not: Faith of the Fallen does progress at a good clip, and its conclusion--while by no means a final payout--should satisfy. --Paul Hughes

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The Pillars Of Creation The Pillars Of Creation (Sword of Truth, Book 7)

Entering the world of New York Times bestselling author Terry Goodkind, we find ourselves gripped by fear, held spellbound by suspense, and, most of all, aching to be there beside people who capture our hearts.

Now, in Goodkind's latest and most lavish adventure yet, a young woman's struggle for salvation from inner demons and an ancient injustice takes on terrifying dimensions. Tormented her entire life by inhuman voices, Jennsen seeks to end her intolerable agony. She at last discovers a way to silence the voices. For everyone else, the torment is about to begin.

Richard Rahl and his wife, Kahlan, have been re-united after their long separation, but with winter descending and the paralyzing dread of an army of annihilation occupying their homeland, they must venture deep into a strange and desolate land. Their quest turns to terror when they find themselves the helpless prey of a tireless hunter.

Exploited by those intent on domination, Jennsen finds herself drawn into the center of a violent struggle for conquest and revenge. Worse yet, she finds her will seized by dark forces more abhorrent than anything she ever envisioned. Only then does she come to realize that the voices were real.

Staggered by loss and increasingly isolated, Richard and Kahlan desperately struggle to survive. But if they are to live, they must stop the relentless, unearthly threat that comes out of the darkest night of the human soul. To do so, Richard will be called upon to face the demons stalking among the Pillars of Creation.

Enter a world without rival. Discover breathtaking adventure and true nobility of spirit. Find out why millions of readers the world over have elevated Terry Goodkind to the ranks of legend.

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